What to Expect on Your Visit


Pass it On Clothing Closet: What to Expect on Your Visit

If you are shopping…
If it is your first time, you will need to go to the front desk and fill out a member application. This is a simple process; we ask for your name, contact information, and address, as well as the names and ages of all those who you will be shopping for. Those you shop for should live in your own household. If someone is in a different household, they should fill out their own application. We will likely ask you to present a valid ID. Then you may shop freely in the store and when you are finished, go back to the front desk to check out your items. Items are free, but we count the items so that they can be tracked. We have had a 50 item limit in the past (not including accessories, belts, socks, scarves, purses, etc), but currently there is no limit. There is a limit on the number of coats (one per person that you are shopping for) and new items (two per person that you are shopping for). We also ask that you remove all hangers, as we reuse these. If you need hangers, there are sometimes plastic hangers available for you to take elsewhere in the store.

On subsequent visits for shoppers, simply take a cart upon entry and shop until you are ready to check out. The checkout procedure will be the same as above. Bring a valid ID with you to Pass it On, which you will show to the board member on shift to verify your identity and also to find your name in the computer.

If you are donating….
You may walk in the front door with your donations and drop them off with the volunteer who is working in the side room. Please only enter this side room with their permission. If you need help getting your donations from the car, please ask. We will be more than willing to help you. We take donations of gently used or new clothing and clothing accessories, such as shoes, hats, mittens, gloves, belts, socks, undergarments, and some miscellaneous items. If you would like a tax credit for your donations, please ask the board member on duty. There are forms available at the front desk.

Please only bring your donations during our operating hours on Wednesdays from 11-5. Under no circumstances should any donations be left by the front door. If you need to arrange a special drop off time, please be in contact with a board member.

NOTE: Pass it On Clothing Closet is closed on the Wednesday between Christmas Day and New Years Day, and it is open on the Monday instead of on Wednesday during Thanksgiving Week.